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How can we send the email notification with attachment? it can be pdf, docx or txt.
I'm facing the problem in sending the mail to the multiple users. even I used your PMFSendMessage ( @@APPLICATION,
'templateNotification.html' ); function. but it's not working. please give me an example related to the sending mail to the multiple users.

Please resolved this problem, I will be thankful to you.

Gaurav Agrawal
Hello muavevinwonder,

Please take a look at the link below, you'll find some examples to achieve this:

Look for these sections:
    Example Emailing Attachments from the Process Files Manager:
    Example Emailing Input Document Files:
    Example Emailing a File Uploaded to a Dynaform's File Field:
    Example Emailing Generated Output Document Files:
I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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