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By azirol
Hi, I need some help.

I have create Exclusive Gateway using Boolean with approved and disapproved option (return to requestor).
when I choose approved it will successfully goes to the next task/user but when I choose return to requestor it wont go back to the previous user but instead going to other users.

anyone could help on this. I've spent 2 days and getting no where... : :lol: :x
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By kirkwg
It seems to me that your Assignment Rules may not be correct for task-1 Requester , you used Reports to ?
Suggestion for Assignment Rules:
For task-1 Requester: use Value Based Assignment, set @@case_owner,
Also Create a trigger for this task-1 Requester: find out @@case_owner = @@USER_LOGGED;
Available user list: Add which users will have a chance to do task-1.

For task-2 1st Reviewer : use Reports To, its correct

Its routing problem you set up before. Try to change it. Even for a simple test use Cyclic Assignment
1st task = userA
2nd task = userB
then after disapprove , it will route back to userA
Good luck on your routing setup....
By chieunh
you can create task A1, set Assignment Rules: Value Based Assignment: @@case_owner
When task B is done, route to task A1.
Task A and A1 share dynaform
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