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By kleung

Grateful if I can be advised the methods of getting the number of columns of a grid by
1) javascript in dynaform and
2) php in trigger.

Thousand Thanks.

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By kirkwg
Hello Karl,

Long time no see you in here....
Since there is no getNumberColumns() function for Grid, meant you need to write your own function.

Give you some hints on JS to do that:
1/ var gValues = $("#grid_id").getValue(); //get all values
2/var columns = gValues[0].length;

For trigger:
you could pass your columns to a hidden_variable or case variables
At trigger, retrieve back the hidden_var or case_var

Good luck , better try it, cheers.
By kleung
Hi Kirk,

How are you?
Yes, haven't post message here for some time, especially after the departure of Amos.

Thank you for your advice. I'll try them.

By kleung

Accidentally, in, I found the following codes can also obtain the number of columns of a grid.

var aCols = $('#gridID').getInfo().columns;
var gColNo = aCols.length;

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