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hi, i need help

i want to step back a task on over a case something like this:

task 1
task 2 <- (desire step back )
task 3
task 4 <- (current task delegation index)
task 5
task n

the goal is for wherever reason move the current task for task 4 to task 2 (or other) without draw a new route in bpmn view, on API and function only i see code for jump or for move forward a case.

any help will be appreciate.


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By kirkwg
Hello there,

Hi I haven't experienced your scenario to return to a previous task# before, but I had donesucessfully like this:

E.g. at Task_4 > submit > trigger to update a record in the PM table , then use PMFRedirectToStep() back to Task_4
Let me know if you need this example for your reference, I can show you the codes.

Reference link:

You could trials and errors by following the link above. Cheers & good luck!
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