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Hello again ;)

I'm still learning a lot while creating my first process in my test system.

Currently I'm asking myself how to display data e.g. a single value (like system or user variables) or a sql output in my dynaform? Is the correct approach to do that using a panel with code to display those things? Or do I overlook something in PM?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Hello Michael,

Normally you can get started with ProcessMaker document. I seldom use Panel unless I have very special things to be displayed. Usually displaying via Dynaforms are quite enough for normal workflow.

To display your data:
At Dynaform - e.g. add a textbox, say id= txt_cityName

1/ if a city name will be preloaded into the box during the form loading, I can use a trigger (in PHP) put before dynaform:
create a trigger with a name 'Init Values' > contents > @@txt_cityName = 'Berlin';
Result: when your form loading, the textbox will have 'Berlin' be displayed ...

So have fun to try! Cheers. Read document and follow it to do exercises ....
Hello kirkwg,

thanks for your helpful comment. This is what I was searching for.

May I ask another question regarding this: I want to print the result (multiple rows) of a sql query. How would this be done? I would put it in an array and then print it out. But in PM I can't find a solution.
-> I can't print an array in a textbox.
-> Creating a string var with that sql statement writes only first row of the query into it

I can show you some useful links for your information relating to your topic here:
Then you can follow and do the exercises, thanks.

1/ Retrieve data from PM Table and display on Dynaform's Grid control OR vice versa Grid's contents written back to Table

2/ Passing DB Queries to a Dropdown & Passing Grids to Dropdowns

Yes you should be excited in above, happy reading!
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