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By rageshr007
Hi ..I would like to get information on a case history....I had given view permission to the user to view case history of the cases ..Still, the user cannot view the case history ...Once click on information > case-history nothing happening...But in admin login can view case history....Is anything i have to do about this...? Please advise.


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By kirkwg

An easy fix is to change the Permission >> Type = All, for the user account. So the User can see all the options of Information.

By rageshr007
Hi Kirkwg,

Thanks for your prompt reply...I had changed to ALL still the issue remains the same..? No response while clicking case history....!!.... I thought it will be applicable only for the process done after this change but i had tested ...still not able to view case history ..Kindly refer attached screenshots.


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By kirkwg
Assuming Permissions setting is correct now, did you try new case and able to retrieve that new Case history or not?
If still not able to open Case history, Permissions may not be the root cause?

or any export pmx that you can attach so that I can test for you? Cheers
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By programerboy
You probably have a kernel error because you say that clicking on the cases history menu does not happen! This section does not require special access, so you should see the workflow history.

Please add these lines in end of "\workflow\engine\config\env.ini":
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display_errors = On
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_WARNING
By rageshr007
Hi....Thnaks for your pormpt replay........your solution works and now can view the case history...thank you so much...still my one question remains is ,If that's the kernel error how it can work fine for admin login???
By James1522
A case history basically refers to a file that contains relevant information pertaining to an individual client or group. Case histories are maintained by a wide range of professional organizations, including those in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, health care, and social work.

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Thank you so much for you help kirkwg!