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By devbhanu
Hello Team,

Can we change the webentry link to multi language based on the selection on the dynaform using Javascript or trigger?
For example, I have a form in English - when user selects the language option for Spanish or French can we translate the form or change the url of webentry?

Appreciate your inputs on this. Thank you.
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By programerboy
You can insert translation files in your form and edit the tags, then according to the selected language from the site from the web entry link according to the selected language.
By victorbradford
Language toggle is simple! you just have to navigate to the settings and search for language, there you go, tap on the edit button and you got it. Is is same like when you need an online assignment writing service you can get it in one clink from British Assignment Writers!
By frankM123
The Language option is at the top of the Dynaform designer, in the right-hand corner of the window. Depending on your needs, our experts can tailor solutions for your dissertations, thesis, essays and papers. Our discipline-diverse background ensures that all your particular needs are satisfactorily met. Your satisfaction is our contentment.

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