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I would like to change the Protected Value of a Control, eg a Text field, in a DynaForm subject to the value of a flag.
Grateful if I can be advise how the Protected Value can be changed by Javascript of the the Dynaform or a Trigger before the Dynaform.

Thank you very much.

The protected field only prevents the user from changing the value in the form, but in triggers it should be possible to change like any variable
@@ variable = new_value;
For more information about trigger, you can review this link:

Best regards, Ricardo.
Hi Ricardo,

I need to change the Protected Value of a Control because in some cases, users are allowed to input/value to the field in the DynaForm while in some cases, users are prohibited to do so. Hence I need to modify the Protected Value on the fly.

Where is the value of the Protected Value stored? What is the data structure?

Many Thx

I carried out an example process with the following characteristics:
1. I have 2 tasks A and B
2. I created 3 variables: name, lastName, email.
3. I created a dynaform
3. Each variable is associated with each dynaform control.
4. The control associated with the name variable has selected in its properties as a protected value.
5. I created a trigger where I assign a new value to the varaible name
6. I assign the trigger before the dynaform of task B
So as I told you, only by means of a trigger can you change the protected value of a variable.
I also attach the example process that I made and also a video for you to view.

Best regards, Ricardo.
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You can use the Change Protected Value of Dynaform by JavaScript or Trigger function to protect a field's value from change in the web Dynaform.

You will need to create a trigger and add it to the form template where you want to protect your fields. For example, if you have a form template with a field named as "Amount", then you can add the trigger to that particular field.

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