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By kleung

I'm using PM 3.2.1 community version.
I would like to put the value of usrname and currentDtTm to the fields located at field 5 and field 6 of the grid gdCtrReg with the following Javascript.

$("#gdCtrReg").onAddRow(function(aNewRow, oGrid, rowIndex){
var usrname = $("#usrname").getValue() ;
var currentDtTm = $("#currentDtTm").getValue() ;
aNewRow[5].setValue(usrname) ;
aNewRow[6].setValue(currentDtTm) ;
}) ;

An interesting outcome is if I put the statement in the order above, the value of usrname can be inserted into field 5 properly but the value currentDtTm cannot be inserted into field 6.
If I swap the two statements, ie in the order
aNewRow[6].setValue(currentDtTm) ;
aNewRow[5].setValue(usrname) ;
the value of currentDtTm can be inserted into field 6 properly but usrname cannot be inserted to field 5.

Grateful if I can be advised what are the problems of my codes.

Many Thanks

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