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By justinopsky
I have a question
Is it possible to assign access to a process design to a group instead of being public or private?
Or provide read-only process design access
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By programerboy
No! You can't do this.
With "Process Design Access" in public, all designer users can see and edit the process and with set to private just creator of the process can see and edit it.
By justinopsky
After investigating a little more about the permissions of cases, I can block access to a case to a particular group or user.
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By programerboy

This is for end users not designer users and designer user can open public process and edit it !

You can check the "User friendly panel plugin": ... 73504-QHGU

With this plugin the manager can categorize the processes in tree structure and set edit or view permission for users. ... jMXodwH1iw
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