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please I need your help...
I need to use processmaker workflow at the background, so I don't want to click continue button every time.
I want to initiate workflow automatically without using the interface (from external system).

when we use trigger like below photo.. we receive the new inbox but the trigger doesn't work.
it only work when I open the task in inbox , although I put the trigger before assignment (I want to run trigger automatically )
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Did you check the wiki, 'cause ProcessMaker provides you different options to set a trigger to fire when the case is created.

As an example:

>> If you set the trigger to fire before the first step in the task, then it won't fire until the user manually opens the task in the case.
>> If you want a trigger to automatically execute when a task starts, then set the trigger to fire after routing in the previous task in the process.

You can check the wiki ... tion_cases and If you have any doubts, please let me know.
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