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By justinopsky
I have a user registration form by webentry form.
I can create the user but can not associate the user to a specified group, after form submited.
I use this trigger
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//create user
PMFCreateUser(@@textNIF, @@textPassword, @@textPrimeiroNome, @@textUltimoNome, @@textEmail, "PROCESSMAKER_OPERATOR", "", "INACTIVE");
//define Group Name 
$groupName = "AccaoSocial";
//Get Group Name ID
$GroupUID = PMFGetGroupUID($groupName);
$username = @@textNIF;
$result = executeQuery("SELECT USR_UID FROM USERS WHERE USR_USERNAME='$username' ");
if (is_array($result) and count($result) > 0) {
   $aUser = PMFInformationUser( $result[1]['USR_UID'] );
//assign user to group
PMFAssignUserToGroup($aUser, $GroupUID);
I get this error
"Non-static method Bootstrap::hashPassword() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context"

After this the user is cretead but not associeted to the group
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