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By mohamad
Dear Amos,
When I import plugins in PM(bitnami windows), there is nothing to appear. There is no error, too.
Also, I removed the previous plugins. But, it does not work. By the way, I installed a new PM on another port, but it does not work, yet.
however, in plugins directory, two files have been added. (Myplugin folder and Myplugin.php)
Would you please help me to solve it?
Thanks in advance.
By mohamad
The problem is not related to the plugins. Because, the plugins can be imported in other servers and computers without any problem, However, the same plugins can not be imported properly in my laptop. As I mentioned before, there is no error when I import the plugin in my server. I tested it for 2 different ports in my laptop.
When I import the plugins, the only thing that I see adding these files(Myplugin folder and Myplugin.php).
thanks in advance.
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By amosbatto
Press F12 in your web browser and go to the "Network" tab of the browser's debugger. When you import the plugin, do you see any errors in the network calls (i.e, any HTTP status numbers that aren't 200 or 201)

In your env.ini file, set:
Then, see if any errors appear when importing.

What is the environment of your laptop?
For example: PM 3.3.10 Community (manual install) in Debian 9.5 with PHP 5.6.37 and MySQL 5.7.23.

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