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By Buomque

I am a new ProcessMaker user. I am trying to save a Grid dropdown value as variable, so that I can use this variable for my case title in "Case Labels".

Is there a way to get this work with Javascript or any other way?

Thank you,
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By amosbatto
Doing it with JavaScript is complicated.
It is is much easier to use a trigger like this:
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@@selectedOption = '';
if (!empty(@=myGrid)) {
   //get selected value in dropdown in first row of grid:
   @@selectedOption  = @=myGrid[1]['myDropdown_label'];
Where "myGrid" is the variable associated with the grid and "myDropdown" is the ID of the dropdown in the grid. Set this trigger to fire after the Dynaform with "myGrid".

Then use the variable @#selectedOption in the Case Label.
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