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By joen01
I'm seeing this too.

It's happening on most triggers, but I haven't determined which part of the code is related yet.

The error shows at the top of the Dynaform like this:
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By amosbatto
In your php.ini file, try adding:

Also, what is your environment?

(Example: PM 3.3.10 Community (manual install) in Debian 9.5 with PHP 5.6.17 and MySQL 5.7.17)
By joen01
Hi Amos

We are using a hosted version so I don't know the full environment spec, but it is version 3.3.17.

I believe our provider has contacted ProcessMaker about this, so hopefully they'll fix it.

Thanks for your help.
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By rodTecno
Hello good afternoon

I am having the same problem, I get this error when I execute an executeQuery inside a trigger, I am using ProcessMaker 3.3.17, Nginx, PHP-FPM 7.1, CentOS 7.

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