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By amosbatto
Here is an example:
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$("#selectColor").setOnchange( function(newVal, oldVal) {
   if (newVal == "blue") {
       //first enable all radio options:
       $("#selectFurniture").find("input.pmdynaform-control-radio").prop("disabled", false);
       //then disable one of the radio options:
       $("#selectFurniture").find("input.pmdynaform-control-radio[value=chair]").prop("disabled", true);
       //if "chair" is the selected option, then unset the value in the radio box:
       if ($("selectFurniture").getValue() == "chair") {
           $("selectFurniture").setValue(""); //set to the first available option which isn't "chair"
Where selectColor is the ID of the dropdown box and if its selected option is "blue", then disable the option "chair" in the "selectFurniture" dropdown box.

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