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By rohitambre
Hi Everyone,
I want to setup a DR server for my processmaker . I have deployed processmaker with shared file stored at different mount point on a server while installing. Now i want to setup new instance on DR server with a same configuration and having same database which is in replication.
I tried doing it on Dev instances where I stopped httpd and copied whole shared folder from first server to different server where I already have processmaker code. There I changed a path for shared folder in paths_installed file.

Is this procedure right?
please suggest
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By amosbatto
If the ProcessMaker application and MySQL are located on the same DR server, then what you did should work. If your MySQL database is located on a different server from your DR server, then you will need to edit your shared/sites/{workspace}/db.php and shared/sites/{workspace}/databases.php files to change the domain name or IP number to the new MySQL server. You will also need to use the grant all command in MySQL to give the MySQL user listed in your db.php file access to the database on a different domain/ip.

This page explains the basic idea: ... al_install

Of course, this is only necessary if you want to be able to switch over to the DR server if there is a problem. If you are only using the DR server to store the files and database as a backup copy, then you don't have to do this, since you can copy them back to the original server.

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