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I have issue with content display in he dynaforms (HTML), i am using the translation package to French language, from time to time, the special characters like : é, è, à ... are transformed to coded sequence of characters.

Is there any solution for this issue?

Thank you in advance
I just imported the following translation file into PM 3.3.8: ...

and I don't see any problems. Can you provide a screenshot of the problem?

I suspect that you opened the PO file and then saved the file in a character encoding that isn't UTF-8, which is what is causing the problem. (Linux usually uses UTF-8 by default, so it isn't a problem if you edit the PO file in Linux, but if you edit in a Windows System, you need to explicitly tell the text editor which character set you are using.)

I recommend that you download the French PO file again and import it into ProcessMaker and see if that fixes the problem.
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