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By amithatle123

Used process make 3.3.6
want to set timezone for Indian/Mauritius......I also changed in app.php, env.ini & php.ini but time forwarded 2 hr. for example. " 2 am" then case created time shows "4 am" for Mauritius. Also check time for there server which is correct.
please help.

Thank You
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By amosbatto
Are you using the Community or Enterprise Edition? The Enterprise Edition adjusts the time automatically for each user.

When you go to Admin > PHP Information, what do you see under the "Date" section? What is the "Default timezone" and the date.timezone for the "local value" and "master value"?
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The only way that I know to get the "local value" and "master value" to match is to edit the config/app.php file.
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