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By bumezang
Hi all, I uploaded a photo in a folder while I created an output document. But I couldn't find the photo when I opened the file. What should i do? Thanks!
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By amosbatto
Can you explain how you uploaded a photo while creating an Output Document? Did you have two web browser tabs/windows open at the same time?
If you did that, then you will have problems.
You should only open one case at a time in your web browser and only have it open in one tab/window. Otherwise you will confuse the system variables.
You need to use two different web browser programs (like Chrome and Firefox) if you want to open two cases at the same time.

If you don't see the file in the ProcessMaker interface, then it probably didn't save correctly. You can check by going to Home > Documents or by opening the case and going to Information > Uploaded Documents.
If you want to know where ProcessMaker saves files, read the documentation for File or MultipleFile fields or Input Documents (depending on how you uploaded the image file).

Yeah That will be very helpful :) Thank you

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