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By HeshanKaru1994
There are 2 tasks

A -> B
You have 10 days to complete the B process. If the process is not completed the First Reminder email should be sent to the appropriate user and if the task is not completed after another 5 days the second reminder email should be send.How to implement this scenario
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By amosbatto
The process to send out the email is a separate process.
You need to change this:
$taskId = '3839855285b99bcad876958079357667';
To the ID of your task in another process which is overdue.
By HeshanKaru1994
How do you initiate that process through a message event and a timer event as like I did or is there a another way to start it
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By amosbatto
You need to start a case in the separate process and then let it automatically loop forever. You have to set your timereventcron.php file to periodically execute on your ProcessMaker server to keep it looping.
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