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By amosbatto
If you set the datasource property of the dropdown to "array variable", then in your trigger, you can eliminate options from the array variable which is used to populate the dropdown's list.
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@=myDropdownList = array(
   array('value1', 'label1'),
   array('value2', 'label2'),
   array('value3', 'label3'),
//eliminate second option:

See: ... iable[code]

If you want the option to appear in the dropdown box, but it is disabled (ie, grayed out), you will need to use JavaScript like this:
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$("#selectColor").find("option[value='red']").prop("disabled", true);
where "selectColor" is the dropdown's ID and "red" is the value of one of its options.

Or you can use this code to disable the second option in the list:
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$("#selectColor").find("option").eq(1).prop("disabled", true);
If you want to remove options from the list, then see: ... tions_list

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