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By marcosfpa
I want to configure my server by installing a digital Lets Encrypt certificate so that my processor can be accessed with https: // xxxx.
Should I change anything in the processmaker settings?
By pedro6
In between the difference of HTTP and HTTPS, HTTPS is the secure one, as HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured, and with the safe browsing, it can be possible with safe research with the browsing any kind of websites, So, it is very important to take some proper guidance with Netgear Customer Support to turn all the HTTP sites to HTTPS.
By Johnparkar
HTTP and https both are used before any of the websites we use. But many of us do not know the reason behind its usage. It is very important to know about it which you can know just by dialing at Epson Support Number. This much can be known that the https is much more secure than the other one.
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