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By amosbatto
If you want to create a custom trigger, then click on the "Create" button, instead of the "Wizard" button:
createNewTrigger.png (34.74 KiB) Viewed 971 times
Then, you can enter your own PHP code. Read the documentation on Triggers.

If you really want to add a new trigger wizard, then you will have to create a plugin to do that with a custom class.pmFunctions.php file.
See: ... mFunctions

For an example, see my extraFunctions plugin: ... Functions/
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By amosbatto
Glad to help when I can. The forum is the only way to get help for the Community Edition.
Clients with paid support contracts can talk to the support team on the phone.
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By amosbatto
You should create a new plugin as explained in the wiki.
Then, look at the extraFunctions/classes/class.pmFunctions.php file to understand the format to add new functions to the trigger wizard.
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By amosbatto
To add a icon, copy an image file to the workflow/engine/plugins/extraFunctions/public_html/ directory. If using a Linux system, make sure that the file is readable by all users. For example:

Then, edit the workflow/engine/plugins/extraFunctions/classes/class.pmFunctions.php file and set the header like this:
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 * Extra Functions
 * @class extraFunctions
 * @name Extra Functions
 * @icon /plugin/extraFunctions/Audit.png
 * @className class.extraFunctions.pmFunctions.php
Now the icon will appear next to the plugin's name in Trigger wizard:
iconForExtraFunctionsPlugin.png (7.66 KiB) Viewed 666 times

Note: Any files that you add to your plugin's public_html folder will accessible from the following URL in the web:
For example:
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