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consult, in these 3 years with PM3 and I have not seen a full support for field validations required in dynaform and the "New" button in the grids.

with the processmaker.en.po not work the next:
# LABEL/ID_MAFE_9303c9bd4f8178680dc382adbfcd62af
#: LABEL/ID_MAFE_9303c9bd4f8178680dc382adbfcd62af
msgid "This field is required."
msgstr "Este campo es obligatorio."

and i don't want edit the install JS file "public_html/lib/pmdynaform/build/js/PMDynaform.js" For Requided message
and "public_html/lib/pmdynaform/build/pmdynaform.html" for the text "New" in buton for the grids.

Thanks! y Saludos en español :)
To get the "This field is required." translation to work correctly, you need to update the strings for the current version of ProcessMaker.
Go to Admin > Languages and select "es-ES" in the list and click on the "Export" button. Then, download the file from ProcessMaker. Then, click on "Import" and select the file that you just downloaded. After you have imported it, you should see "Este campo es requerido." in the Dynaform. (If you don't see it, then delete your web browser's cache).

You are right about "New". For some reason, ProcessMaker isn't able to translate it.
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The only way to translate it, is to edit public_html/lib/pmdynaform/build/js/PMDynaform.js and change the line:
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            addRowText: "New".translate(),

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