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Process Maker 3.2.3 Fresh installation

PHP 5.6.37
Centos 6
PHP.ini file attached
env.ini file attached

permissions configed as instructed in ... stallation

PHP Fatal error: Class 'G' not found in /home/##username#/public_html/processmaker/workflow/public_html/sysGeneric.php on line 291
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inetzec, Those instructions were written 8 years ago for version 1.6. I have cleaned up instructions so they are more readable, but they won't work for version 3.2.

Don't even bother trying to install PM in a Linux machine where you don't have root access. You can get a cheap Linux VPS for $5 per month and I strongly recommend it. Remember that you need 256 MB of RAM for each concurrent ProcessMaker user, plus the RAM to run the OS. If you are doing this on a shared hosting system, then only one or two users will be able to access ProcessMaker at a time and it will be very slow.
Which Linux distro are you using?

Login as root or use sudo from the command line to do the installation. Avoid using CPanel.

If using CentOS/Red Hat, see: ... stallation

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, the instructions that we have on the wiki will work, but you need to set the file permissions as described in
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