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I am using Processmaker community and am wanting to find out if I can link fields between tables in PMTables ie: If I have an "Accounts" table adn a "Contacts" table, how do I include the Contacts under the Account?

How do I simply record an entry using a Dynaform I have created? Do I have to use code to tell it what to do with the fields when the submit button is pressed or can I draw a process for it? or is there a way it just knows to record an entry in PM tables? Nothing fancy, just record an entry.
You can use Dependent fields to link together values in a DynaForm with PM Tables in a query.

Also, see this example:

If you want to write to a PM Table, you need need to use the executeQuery("INSERT ...") function in a trigger, which is executed after the Dynaform. You PM Table needs to have unique field to identify each record (which is normally called something like "ID"). If you don't want to generate the ID, then set the field to autoincrement when defining the PM Table and you won't have to include the ID field in your INSERT statement. See: ... m_Triggers

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