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By amform
I had a little issue when the user of a task click thru and assign a different user to have the next task, for some reason after the user assign the next user the error in the attached file pops up.
How I can solve this issue?
user_error.JPG (29.12 KiB) Viewed 72 times
By amosbatto
I have never seen that error message before. What version of PM are you using? The next task in the process has Manual Assignment?
Can you post your process and tell me which task this occurs in?
By amform
Hello Amosbatto,
Thanks for the reply.
So the process is that the first user select the second user in the first dynaform inside a sub-process, after that in a new subprocess the second user should get that task and also be assign. For the second task I am using 'Self service value based assignment' with the userid of the second user selected by the first user. In the sub process I put the userid as In and out variable.
dynaform property.JPG
dynaform property.JPG (24.58 KiB) Viewed 56 times
By amosbatto
It is really hard to debug this problem without looking at the processes. If you want help, you need to make a sample process that shows the problem and post the .pm files. Otherwise, I can't help you.
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