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By amosbatto
You can use PMFAddUserGroupToTask() want to add users to the assignment list for a task:
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$taskId = '1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef'; //set to the ID of the task
$aUsers = executeQuery($sql);
for ($aUsers as $aUser) {
   PMFAddUserGroupToTask($taskId,  $aUser['USR_UID']);
If you need to assign all users to a task in a case, then use a parallel marker in the task.
By amosbatto
The recommended way to do this is create a group which contains all your users and then assign that group to the task. However, if you really want to do this, then set the trigger to fire before the case is created in the process properties.

By the way, your question is not clear. Are you talking about adding users to the assignment list of a task or are you talking about assigning users to a task in a particular case where the task has a parallel marker?
By PipSqueak
I want all users to be able to start a process/case. For example, all users can request leave, so all of them should be assigned to it. But I wouldn't like to be adding the new users into that group every time, so is there anyway to do this dynamically? With a cron job perhaps?
By amosbatto
You could create a script which is executed as a cron job, but it is easier to create a process which periodically executes a script task which adds the users to a group. Then assign that group to the task.
See: ... rsToGroup/
By amosbatto
Kind of hard, unless you are willing to ship it to La Paz, Bolivia. :-)
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