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By heemalkumar
Hi Guys
I have built a process for Travel Authorization Approval in our Organisation.

My process is, once all Approvals provided, an email is automatically sent to the Initiator, advising officer that approval given, please proceed with Booking. Would like to know, is there a way, where I can provide a link on that email, so when Initiator clicks on that link, the Final Dynaform shows directly, and Initiator then prints dynform to PDF/printer.

Let me know your views.
By amosbatto
Create an Output Document with the data from the DynaForm. Then use the PMFSendMessage() in a trigger to sent the email. See the code example in PMFSendMessage() documentation to attach an Output Document to the email.
By amosbatto
You can't edit the HTML code for Dynaforms in BPMN processes, because it is generated dynamically to adjust to different types of devices. You need to use JavaScript to alter the HTML code.

You can press F12 in Chrome or Firefox to open the web browser's debugger to get the HTML code when viewing a DynaForm.
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