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Hi folks,
when I try to create a report table, on an external mysql database, I get the following error:
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Exception: [wrapped: No driver has been registered to handle connection type: ]
If I select the workflow database I don't have any issue.
Thanks in advance.
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I just tried creating a report in an external MySQL database using PM 3.2.1 Community and I didn't have a problem.
It might be that your MySQL user doesn't have permissions to connect from a remote domain or to create tables in the external database.

In your external MySQL database do this:
mysql -u root -p
mysql> grant all on *.* to 'USER'@'' identified by 'p4sSw0rD' with grant option;
mysql> exit;

Change USER to the name of your user, to the domain name or IP address of you ProcessMaker server, and p4sSw0rD to the password for your user.

Does that fix it?
That is weird. Issue the GRANT command again in MySQL. Then check the user permissions:
SELECT * from mysql.users;

Then, if you see the error again when creating the Report Table, see if the user permissions have changed.
I checked the user permission before and after the creation of a report table, result the permission doesn't change.
Another weird thing, I edit a working table and I get the attached error. :shock: (the table is on database!)
I don't think is a problem of grant or dirty data collected during the test cases.
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Please file a bug report about it at
The only thing that I can think of is that you might have a slow connection to the database and the connection might be timing out, but I don't know were in the code the timeout is set.
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