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Hi Guys
I have a Grid, named as Grid1 on the first Dynaform. User write the Invoice Number in 'text1' in this grid.
On the second form, I have another Grid named as Grid2, which has many fields. On one of those fields, I had to import data from text1, so I have created a trigger, which is doing that.

However, business now wants the word 'Payment' to show and then the data from text1. EG. Payment 123
How do i do this.
See my trigger below.

@=grid2 = array(); //create a new empty grid
for ($i = 1; $i < count(@=grid1)+1; $i++) {
@=grid2[$i] = array(
'text2' => @=grid1[$i]['text1'],//Invoice Number
Do it this way:
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@=grid2 = array(); //create a new empty grid

for ($i = 1; $i <= count(@=grid1); $i++) {
   @=grid2[$i] = array(
      'text2' => 'Payment ' . @=grid1[$i]['text1']     //Invoice Number
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