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See this error that is happening when I upload a file in dynaform or input docs and then I try to download.
Trying to download gives this error:
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PS: this only happens in large files above 50/60 Mb ... I've already tried changing PHP.INI ...
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Check if the file was saved as a record to the database and as a file to the PM server.
Do a query like this in your workspace database in MySQL:

Then, take use the information returned by that query to check if the file was saved to the PM server:
{/opt}/processmaker/shared/sites/{workspace}/files/{APP_UID in 4 directories}/{APP_DOC_UID}_{DOC_VERSION}.{EXT}

If the file exists on the server, then you should verify that your login session has expired and your logged-in user has rights to access the file. If in doubt, grant the user Process Permissions to the Input Document.
The env.ini file allows you to redefine some of the settings like memory_limit. If you are using a Bitnami installation, then you need to also change the apps/processmaker/conf/httpd-app.conf file, because it overwrites the settings in the php.ini file.

Put this code in a trigger and run a case a verify that it is the same as in your php.ini file:
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print "<pre>" .
   "memory_limit=". ini_get ("memory_limit") ."\n".
   "max_file_uploads=". ini_get ("max_file_uploads") ."\n". 
   "post_max_size=". ini_get ("post_max_size") ."\n".
   "upload_max_filesize=". ini_get ("upload_max_filesize") ."\n".
   "max_execution_time=". ini_get ("max_execution_time") ;

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