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Hi everyone,

I had Processmaker 2.5 working fine on a server when connecting via http (http://mysite). Then I requested our server admin to install SSL certificates to secure the server. He then configured the network such that the server is accessed behind the company's reverse proxy i.e. (https://mysite). When I try to access it, it loads the login page in a plain background. I enter the correct credentials then after clicking the login button, the URL changes to "https://mysite/sys/en/neoclassic/login/ptyjuJ%C2%B0anZ4"(refer to the screen shot).

Any pointers on where/ what I need to check to get it back working.
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It looks like you have screwed up the Apache rewrite rules. Post your pmos.conf and http.conf files from your server (or apache2.conf file if you are using Debian or Ubuntu).

Also can you list what changes you made on the server?
Dear Amos,

Attached is pmos.conf and httpd.conf files (I've changed the file extensions so as to be able to attach). I should also mention that the Processmaker is running on Windows Swerver 2008 R2 64 bit. I had configured Apache to run on Port 80 and IIS on Port 8080 which was fine all along just before this current change.
The SSL certificates were not installed on the processmaker server. The access to the processmaker server is what has been redirected via a proxy server to take advantage of the SSL on the proxy.
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Is your proxy decrypting all the traffic and changing the port from 443 to 80? I have never tried to do that with a proxy, so I don't how it would work. You are better off asking on a forum that deals with the proxy software that you are using.

Have you tried to do SSL the standard way from your ProcessMaker server? ... _SSL.2FTLS

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