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By john123
i was trying to start a recive message events ,when i exec the messageeventcron.php it give me an errror

Problem in workspace: workflow it was omitted.

who can give me an answer , tks
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By amosbatto
The error message for that ID is:
An internal error occurred #{0}. Please contact your system administrator for more information.

Unfortunately, I don't know what your error was because PM translation isn't working (probably because no system language is set when executing from the command line), so the error message isn't displayed with the inserted error number.

Did you follow these instructions for how to execute the messageeventcron.php script as the Apache user? ... g_cron.php

Also check if any of your log files at processmaker/shared/sites/workflow/log are owned by "root" or some user that isn't the Apache user:
ls -l processmaker/shared/sites/workflow/log

If so, then change the ownership of the files to the Apache user:
chown -R apache:apache processmaker/shared/sites/workflow/log
(changing apache:apache to the Apache user for your distro or to daemon:daemon if a Bitnami install.)

If that isn't the problem, then I recommend adding this setting to your processmaker/workflow/engine/config/env.ini file:
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debug = 1
and execute the messageeventcron.php script again to see if you get any more information.

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