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By springhigh
Is there a way to select / copy text from the Change log.
Currently the grid rows cannot be selected or copied, they are protected with css - unselectable="on"

We often need to copy something from the Change log, and have to use Browser Developer Tools to dig into the code.
So just wondering if these is an easy way to disable the unselectable="on" css ? or another way to do this.

many thanks
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By amosbatto
The best way to get the information is to press F12 in your web browser to open the debugger and copy the HTML code and paste into a word processor.

Changing unselectable="on" to unselectable="off" won't help you. I just edited the code in gulliver/js/ext/min/ext-all.js to change it, but that change still won't allow you to select the text.

All the info is stored in the APP_HISTORY table in the database in serialized form, but you need to use PHP's unserialize() function to read it. If you really want to do this, let me know and I can search for a programming example that I wrote 2 years ago to explain how this works.
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