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By pocket
Not sure if I am doing something wrong or not, but after completing the form on a web entry it then need to be submitted again to continue?

The form has a user set up as a local user (lets say user admin)

If i have the process:

Start---->Enter Details----->finish

the start is set up as a web entry. you click on the link which opens the webpage of the enter details task, you click submit and it submits it as user (admin) to their inbox. the User must then go in and open the document which is now completely populated and click submit again before it will progress to finish.

Can you get it to go straight to the next step after the web entry? in this case fill in form on web---->finish ?
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By amosbatto
If "Finish" is a task, then you can use two start events. One for inside the PM interface and the second for Web Entry like this:
WebEntryBypassingFirstTask.png (8.45 KiB) Viewed 526 times
Where the Web Entry is in the second start event connected to the "Finish" task.

If "finish" is an End Event, then the above solution won't work, because you can't attach a start event to an end event. You can add code to the Web Entry's XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXPost.php file to automatically route past the first task.

First read this to understand the files: ... omization/

Then, change the code of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXPost.php file from:
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        $result = ws_routeCase($caseId, 1);
        $assign = $result->message;
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        $result = ws_routeCase($caseId, 1);
        $result = ws_routeCase($caseId, 2);
        $assign = $result->message;
Then, you need to prevent the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXPost.php file from changing by either changing its owner to root in Linux or making it read only in Windows.
By pocket
Hi and thanks for your responses, much appreciated.

I've tried what you suggested but its not working.

I can't attach the flow because of works requirements but i've tried to draw something to explain it better.

Task 1 has a drop down fore which task it is going to progress too (2-4)
Choice 1 splits that out
Task 2,3 and 4 they will either approve or deny.
Choice 2 splits it out to the end email
End option 1 and 2 are either an approved or denied email

That process is working well.
I have a web entry off start which when they submit it, in then goes to the group assigned to task 1 as a self service task. If someone claims it they then have to press submit again on the exact info that came in through the web entry before it will progress to choice 1 for splitting out. Not ideal. I'm wanting the web entry to skip task 1 and go straight to choice 1. I tried having another web entry straight to choice 1, but that's not allowed.

Is what I want possible?
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By amosbatto
You did this change to the source code?
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        $result = ws_routeCase($caseId, 1);
        $result = ws_routeCase($caseId, 2);
        $assign = $result->message; 
Post the .pmx file of your process and I will test it to see why it isn't working.
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By amosbatto
I just tried a web entry which routes past an exclusive gateway after the first task and this works in version 3.2.1:
$result = ws_routeCase($caseId, 2);
What is probably happening is that you are using variables in the conditions of your exclusive gateway which you haven't set or you have an error in the syntax of your conditions which is throwing an error or you haven't assigned users to your Task2, Task3 or Task4. If the problem is the variables in your conditions, then you need to add those variables as hidden fields to your web entry form.

Here is the process that I tested:
(102.87 KiB) Downloaded 27 times

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