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By marcosfpa
I'm using the endpoint: ... te_project to create processes via API, I can create the flow, create the process with name and description ( prj_description ). However the tasks I can only send the name and I did not find in the documentation a parameter to send the description of the task ... Is there in the API how to send the description of the task?
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By amosbatto
There is no way to set the description for an activity, because the model for an activity (workflow/engine/classes/model/om/BaseBpmnActivityPeer.php) doesn't contain a description.

The only way to set the description of a task with REST is construct an XML file for the project which includes:
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and then use ... ortProject to upload it.
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By amosbatto
Don't touch the BaseBpmnActivityPeer.php file.

Instead of using ... te_project, you need to use ... ortProject .

In order to use this endpoint, you need to construct a .pmx file (which contains XML code) which has the following line of code in it:
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 <tas_description>My task description</tas_description> 
Export a process and then open the .pmx file and you will see the XML code that you need to use.

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