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I have installed Processmaker, SugarCRM and vTiger on one system to evaluate some integration possibilities. When I have logged in to Processmaker as admin everything works fine. When I'm logged in to vTiger at the same time everything is still fine. However when I also log in to SugarCRM whenever I click on a link in Processmaker I'm prompted to login again. The strange thing is that this login prompt is the same prompt as the initial login (blue screen) but this screen is loaded within the main frame. Screenshot attached.

Installation: Ubuntu with latest releases of SugarCRM, vTiger and Processmaker.

Did anyone encountered this problem? And how did you solve it? Thanks!
Please attach your screenshot. (There is a tab named "Attachments" when you post to add files)

Which versions of Ubuntu, ProcessMaker, vTiger and SugarCRM are you using? or give me the links where you downloaded them. Are you using a Bitnami or manual installation of ProcessMaker?
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