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By milona7x
I have one user who was previously able to see all of his participated folder, but now it is just blank. When I click to narrow it down to one of my processes, it just spins and spins. Is there any way to debug the query that shows the Participated folder? I am currently using Processmaker 2.5.1. I originally posted this in the developer forum with no response, so I am hoping for more exposure here.
First rebuild your case list by going to Admin > Settings > Case List Cache Builder and click on "Build Cache".

If that doesn't solve the problem, in your env.ini file, set:
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debug = 1
Then, perform the same action in PM and check the contents of the workflow/public_html/php_errors.log file (if it exists).

If that doesn't help you, then return to the env.ini file and set:
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debug_sql = 1
Then, try to access the Participated cases again in PM and check the SQL log files.

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