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By chrdoud
Hi all,
I work a lot this few months on ProcessMaker, and i thought that the code editor is poor for big script.

I developed an external editor with visual studio code.
Script reads and updates are based on the ProcessMaker APIs.
The scripts are written on the file system which allows to use git.

Thi is a functional BETA, but it is still a beta, the code is very ugly

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By amosbatto
That is a neat trick. I agree that the PM code editor isn't very good.

I looked at your code in ... tension.js
superagent looks a lot easier than using jQuery's $.ajax() function for doing REST calls.

I would love to use this if Microsoft ever makes a version of Visual Studio for Linux :-)
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By ashkufaraz
External editor is very nice...
thank you very much..

How can install extension vscode?
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When i open folder shown error in setting that file unknowing setting file

when i perss F5 and run extension and then press Ctrl+Shift+P and select PMKR:sync say error command not found
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please help me
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