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By breale
I am trying to get an idea of how many of our users are using ProcessMaker with Sharepoint. We'd love to hear from users that are using the products together. Also, if you are looking to integrate with Sharepoint online in Office 365, please speak up as well here.


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By groakes
Hi - we aren't using SharePoint right at this moment but our organisation is strongly considering moving in that direction - probably July. That would include an Office365 deployment as well.

By ShaNimh
I am very interested in using SharePoint with Process Maker. I am running a project to move our team from the network drive to SharePoint, to take advantage of all the features SP has to offer - but they must be able to access the SharePoint library to attach documents to their Intake projects on Process Maker. Currently they browse from folders in the network drive - I am hoping that mapping the SharePoint library to the same drive will work, but would love to see a more integrated process for up and down loading between the two.
Thanks Sharon

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