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2016:12:07 21:55:49 UPDATE USERS SET USR_USERNAME = 'admin', USR_LASTNAME = 'admin', USR_PASSWORD = '8c6976e5b5410415bde908bd4dee15dfb167a9c873fc4bb8a81f6f2ab448a918' WHERE USR_UID = '0000000000000000000000$
2016:12:07 21:55:49 MySQL error: Data too long for column 'USR_PASSWORD' at row 1
The link no longer exists because PM only supports bug reporting from its registered customers now.

That said, my recollection is that the error had to do with a change in allowable encryption methods. The field size is not large enough to accommodate the change.

You can verify this by reviewing the schema.xml file. USR_PASSWORD should be varchar 128 not varchar 32.

Note I'm just going by memory here because I don't have access to the bug report either.

Please take care if you are making any changes.
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