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The ProcessMaker team is proud to announce the RC2 of ProcessMaker 3.0.


Supported operating systems

See Supported Stacks.

Tested Web Browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox v37
- Google Chrome v41
- Internet Explorer v10 and v11

For more information visit this link.


* PM-1955 - Supported added in the PMFSendMessage() function in order to use the registry of an email server with its corresponding ID.
* PM-1970 - New ProcessMaker logo.
* PM-1986 - Improvements in the design of the ProcessMap.

Bug fixes:

* PM-1417 - If using Internet Explorer, when importing a new process the interface of importing remains open.
* PM-1419 - If the MySQL query fails during installation, there is no way to fix it.
* PM-1473 - Issues with Installer.
* PM-1495 - Message error when deleting a row in a grid. (Mantis Code: 16756)
* PM-1532 - The information displayed in the Case History is the same no matter the task selected.
* PM-1538 - The maximum field size of the ‘Callback URL’ is small and cuts long URLs.
* PM-1549 - resizing a pool or lane (Mantis Code: 16666).
* PM-1613 - When using the X button, in the search textbox, the previous search is not deleted.
* PM-1618 - Home > Documents: When dragging a folder into another, empty folders are created.
* PM-1613 - Workspace creation field accepts everything including mysql restricted characters like %$.
* PM-1859 - Error entering to Sub-process routing rule.
* PM-1862 - Home > Participated: It does not show the case finished.
* PM-1863 - Home > Inbox: When starting a case with parallel threads, in the inbox all threads are displaying.
* PM-1864 - Home > Participated: When finishing a case with parallel threads, in the participated folder, the case has a TODO status.
* PM-1865 - Home > Participated: When finishing a case in a process with an exclusive gateway, the case stored in the participated folder has a TODO status.
* PM-1892 - Duplicated cases using the steps form. (Mantis Code: 16172).
* PM-1901 - Due date not being calculating correctly. (Mantis Code: 16087).
* PM-1902 - Problem in HTML editor. (Mantis Code: 16043).
* PM-1927 - It is not possible to interact with the dropdown fields inside the properties of a gateway.
* PM-1936 - The case counters are wrong when using web entries.
* PM-1946 - Home -> Documents. It is not possible to move folders from the root to another root.
* PM-1954 - It is possible to create tasks with the same name inside the same process.
* PM-1961 - Admin > Settings > Email Servers: It is not possible to create an email server.
* PM-1962 - Designer > Designer BPMN: The main toolbox disappears when clicking on the Reset button.
* PM-1963 - Task -> Steps The edit/view mode is not available in DynaForms.
* PM-1964 - There isn’t the option to change the name or title of an existing DynaForm.
* PM-1965 - Connection between a Blackbox pool and a Start Message event blocks the designer.
* PM-1966 - Wrong options in the DynaForm when checking its preview or when running a case.
* PM-1967 - A field placeholder is not displayed, either in preview or execution mode.
* PM-1968 - If changing an element ID, operations with formulas can be done.
* PM-1969 - When deleting a variable, the design of a Dynaform is not updated.
* PM-1971 - Save button label is aligned
* PM-1973 - All button labels are centered.
* Improvements in the design of some BPMN elements.
* PM-1974 -Undo-Redo has a tooltip.
* PM-1975 - Zoom has a tooltip.
* PM-1976 - There is an extra point in the inside the Information task in the ProcessMap.
* PM-1977 - Designer > Supervisor steps: The REMOVE button has a red border.
* PM-1979 - Designer: The user cannot customize the design over half a pool or lane.
* PM-1980 - Pools with lanes cannot be moved in the designer area.
* PM-1981 - Home > Inbox: Parallel gateway execution.
* PM-1982 - Group element is placed at the bottom of the pool.
* PM-1983 - Home > Draft: Parallel gateway execution.
* PM-1984 - Designer BPMN > Dynaform: The col-span property does not allow to divide the row in more than two columns.
* PM-1985 - Error message when moving an element in the designer.
* PM-1985 - Unnecessary space when editing an Output Document.
* PM-1990 - Admin > Logo : It is not possible to upload a logo.
* PM-1991 - It is possible to create tasks without names.
* PM-1993 - Properties of the event elements are not in the same order.
* PM-1995 - When editing a task label it keeps in edit mode.
* PM-1998 - It is not possible to configure an email in the email server option.
* PM-1999 - When entering to the task properties an error message is displayed.
* PM-2000 - It is not possible to edit the DynaForm titles.
* PM-2001 - It is not possible to create "Type Message" in the new designer.
* PM-2002 - The Reset icon has functionality even if it is hidden in the main toolbox.
* PM-2002 - Assignment Rules > Users: The list of users is close to the left margin of the window.
* PM-2008 - New Case: SQL queries do not support select over specific fields in a created table.
* PM-2015 - Subprocess Properties: Only half of the Delete button can be seen.
* PM-2017 - Admin > Settings > Cases Lists Cache Builder: The information in the La informacion "Workflow Applications Cache Info" container is not visible.
* PM-2018 - Designer: When moving the toolbox, it disappears completely and it cannot be recovered.
* PM-2018 - The order of the buttons is not standardized in all windows.
* PM-2025 - When editing the properties of the Intermediate, Start and End event, it appears an error.
* PM-2026 - It is not possible to resize a lane.
* PM-2027 - Triggers > Custom Trigger: the “OPEN EDITOR” does not have the functionality in some regions of the button.
* PM-2033 - Admin > Users > Groups > New: Groups are duplicated based on the number of times the Enter key is pressed.
* PM-2041 - Add left margin to the window of Designer>Process Supervisor >Supervisors
* PM-2042 - If having a pool in the designer, there shouldn’t be possible to create elements outside it.
* PM-2044 - It is not possible to create a process permission if only the admin user is listed in the dropdown of users/groups.
* PM-2046 - It is not possible to use the horizontal scrollbar when an element was assigned to an step.
* PM-2047 - It is possible to assign process permissions to users who are inactive.
* PM-2050 - Process File Manager > templates >Edit: The "Save" button does not have any functionality.
* PM-2051 - Process File Manager > Templates: The "Upload" button does not allow to upload any type of file.
* PM-2052 - Process File Manager > Templates: The download button is not working.
* PM-2054 - Exclusive Gateway > Properties: When adding one more condition, in the processmap the assigned task is set as default.
* PM-2055 - Dynaform > It is possible to create links with the same id inside a DynaForm.
* PM-2057 - DynaForm Designer -> There is no validation in the controls for the data type.
* PM-2059 - Task Properties: When saving the form data in each tab, an error message is displayed.
* PM-2060 - Task Properties: In the 'TIMING CONTROL' option, the configured calendar is not listed.
* PM-2063 - There is no confirmation message when creating a Web Entry.
* PM-2067 - The %k mask generates an error in the database. (Mantis Code: 17101).
* PM-2070 - Custom Trigger, When entering to the Trigger editor, the required field label disappears.

Read the complete Release Notes for a detailed description of features, known issues and bugs-fixes.

* The directory where ProcessMaker is installed should have write permissions.

* English (Default Core)

Beta Availability
ProcessMaker 3.0 RC3 version is available for Linux and Windows platforms. Download them from this site.


* For a detailed description of ProcessMaker 3.0 and its new features please see our latest documentation: ... ntation3_X.

* To report any issues in ProcessMaker 3.0 (RC3) please go to this page, select ProcessMaker [community] “Project” and select "ProcessMaker v3.0 RC3" in Product version.

How to contribute?

* We need your help to make ProcessMaker 3.0 a better release, so please take some time to download and try out the beta. Your feedback is very important to us!.

* If you are willing to help translate this version into your native language just tell us by sending an email to communityATprocessmakerDOTcom.

Don't forget that any contribution you provide us will be mentioned in our Wiki, Social Media and Forum!

Enjoy it!
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