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By anasmix
Current issue: I have to create a trigger for each process, and sometimes i use same common logic, with copying and pasting it.

Looking for a solution: i was wondering if it is possible to create ONE GLOBAL (Trigger / Handler) in ProcessMaker 2.5.1 which combines all the logic i want
By Adrian
Hello the team and i where taking a look at your case and we found a solution for you, since you need to make a global trigger you will need to create some Global variables in order to use them with your Global triggers.
but we strongly recomend you to develop your own plugin .
Because when you develop your own plugin all your variables can be called in a global way, so you wont get into processmaker code, and you will have better chances in not messing with processmaker code which would result in processmaker malfunction that may cost you some time in reinstalling the tool.

you can follow the next URL in order to develop your own plugin: ... evelopment

hope this information would be useful to you.

By anasmix

Would appreciate a better documentation/videos/tutorials about developing a Plugin, as your wiki doesn't show that much, plus,
In regard of developing using Windows as per your Note: Plugins can not be created on Windows servers, because Windows does not support symbolic links;
Windows does offer that, using MLink? i already created a symbolic link very easily, now i only need much more tutorials and better understanding of plugins to create.

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