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By amosbatto
For the last 2 years and four months, it has abeen a great pleasure to serve as the ProcessMaker Community Lead. During that time, I have watched the ProcessMaker community grow by leaps and bounds. It has truly been inspiring to witness how people all over the world are using ProcessMaker and to be able to assist them over the forum and through email.

Over the last two years, the community of ProcessMaker users has grown tremendously and the ways that people are using the application has multiplied. The ProcessMaker forum now has an average of 18 posts per day. The many questions and suggestions (and complaints) voiced on this forum are an indication of diverse ways that the community is using the application. It has given me great satisfaction to read and answer your posts on the forum. Whether it was trying to figure out a tricky bit of PHP or JavaScript code or track down a nasty bug, all of you on the forum have inspired and challenged me over the last two years.

Many of your questions and comments have served to improve ProcessMaker over the years and I hope that I have been able to facilitate that process. The feedback from the community has been our best quality control, bug reporter, and generator of new feature requests, as well as the source of many of our translations, documentation improvements, and bits of code (like the recent addition of email attachments).

I will be stepping down from my job at Colosa (the company which develops ProcessMaker) and moving on to a new project to create free/open source spell checkers for Quechua, Aymara and Guarani. It is a project very close to my heart; nonetheless, I will be sad to leave ProcessMaker.

I will probably continue lurking on the forum, but Liliana Iriarte will be taking over as the new ProcessMaker Community Lead. Liliana formerly worked on the Projects team, so she brings a great deal of knowledge about ProcessMaker to the job. She will be in charge of the ProcessMaker forum, wiki and translations, so please contact her at liliana AT colosa DOT com, if you have any suggestions or contributions.

Best of luck using ProcessMaker,
Amos Batto
Former ProcessMaker Community Lead
By luismlunar
Buenas Tardes,

Seguramente el éxito te acompañara, agradezco inmensamente la colaboración prestada siempre tan diligentemente, confiados en que quien te reemplaza lo haga de la misma forma que lo venias haciendo.

Muchísimos Éxitos y prosperidad, en lo que te podamos apoyar desde Colombia con el mayor de los gustos.
By breale
Thanks for all the hard work Amos. I believe we now have a diverse team from around the world contributing to solving people's problems and questions on the forum each day. Helping us grow it from 0 to 18 posts per day is a great achievement, and I want to personally thank you. We will make sure that when you do decide to come back to dedicate more time to ProcessMaker, there are at least 50 posts per day!

Be well,


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