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How did you install ProcessMaker (which wiki instructions did you follow)? Which OS and which version of PMOS?

Check whether the mysql module is configured for PHP.
If using Linux/UNIX, go to the command line, login as root and issue the command:
php -m
You should see mysql in the list of modules.

If using Windows, you have to create a plain text file with the contents:
<? phpinfo(); ?>
Save it in: c:\Program Files\ProcessMaker\apps\processmaker\htdocs\workflow\public_html\myinfo.php
Then direct your browser to: http://localhost/myinfo.php
If you are getting the error “Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration” after installing PhpMyAdmin then you will need to install php-mysql. Now the question arises why php-mysql needed. php-mysql is a module of for PHP applications and this module use mysql databases.

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