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By ptmi1047
Hi All,

I get notice when open DynaForm from Advance Search :
"Undefined index: pass in /home/www/processmaker/thirdparty/creole/Creole.php on line 318". (see attachment)

System Information :
ProcessMaker 3.5.7
MariaDB 10.2.6
CentOS 7.9
Apache 2.4.6
PHP 7.3.33

How to solve this issue ?

2022-08-09_084306.jpg (96.81 KiB) Viewed 17338 times
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By ronrich
Hello ptmi1047,

Please make sure to have tis line in php.ini and also env.ini

display_erors = Off

display_erors = Off
(if it is not present just add it to the bottom of the file)

Once both changes are in place save the files and restart the PHP and Nginx services.

Then try again.

That seems quite easy ,thanx for halping

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