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I'm trying to use PMFSendVariables() to Send some variables to an existing Grid but I'm facing a small issue.
When I use the below line, the existing data in the grid is totally deleted and replaced with that value!
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@=SetInitiatives[2]['InitiativeFlag']= "1";
@@result = PMFSendVariables(@@ApplicationUID,array('SetInitiatives' => @=SetInitiatives));
How can I set the value to the filed: "InitiativeFlag" = "1" in the grid without affecting the existing values?

Hello Kamil123

if you pass a new array there's no variable to reference, the functions used creates a new one

don't use
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MFSendVariables(@@ApplicationUID,array('SetInitiatives' => @=SetInitiatives));
thinking your PM array is a PHP array.

always create a PHP variable and pass it to the function
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  $vars = array("SetInitiatives" => @@SetInitiatives);
    PMFSendVariables(@@APPLICATION, $vars);

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That seems quite easy ,thanx for halping