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By sgtourism
I have a process with one form submitted by requester, then routed to manager for approval.
Biz user want me to show manager's approval date time in an output document.
Initially I captured the current datetime in a trigger, placed it before routing inside the manager's approval task.
But Biz user check the case history, and compare my date time with the Case History -> task End Date, and found sometimes there's 1s difference.

So I'd like to directly fetch the task's End Date datetime value show in PM's case history. Anyone know how to get it? Thanks.
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By ronrich
Hi sgtourism,

The completed date for a task can be pulled from the APP_DELEGATION table, look for the APP_FINISH_DATE, and keep in mind that there are multiple columns that you might to consider in order to grab the right record: APP_UID or APP_NUMBER, DEL_INDEX or USR_UID and TAS_UID.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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